A Tradition of Affection: Duck Duck Jeep

A Tradition of Affection: Duck Duck Jeep

In today’s world, people need to show affection towards people to make them happy and feel loved. Random acts of kindness are needed today because there is so much hustle and bustle and no time is left to tell people they are precious. That’s how the duck duck jeep tradition was invented.

In this tradition, any jeep owner will buy rubber ducks, write cute messages on them via tie note and leave it on other jeeps to show the love from one person to the other. This trend is considered a very sweet way to tell other people they are good enough. This is how you can show sentiment to an unknown person.

History of Duck Duck Jeep

History of Duck Duck Jeep Tradition

This trend was started in 2020 in Ontario, Canada, by the Allison parliament “mother ducker”. The incident happened when Allison was returning home from her job, her car was approached by some strangers, and they attacked her.

Allison thought differently, and instead of fighting back, she bought a big yellow duck made of rubber and placed it on the fellow jeep owner. She placed the duck with a tie note and then posted it on her Facebook account. Within just hours, her post became viral. People supported Allison’s this act of kindness, and that’s how the duck duck jeep trend started.

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Today, Allison’s trend duck duck jeep has a private Facebook group with 60,000 members. Now, this craze is hitting the United States streets, and every jeep owner waves to others passing by and then leaves with a duck on another jeep. That’s how people find a way to have fun and smile.

The Rules of Duck Duck Jeep Tradition

The Rules of Duck Duck Jeep Tradition

This trend is simple and sweet: you need little things and then randomly put them on other people’s jeeps. However, the duck duck jeep trend has not any specific rules to follow. Instead, you need some simple steps to play this trend.

  • In the first step, one will have to go to a shop to buy little rubber ducks.
  • After that, you will write sweet notes on it and tie it with every duck.
  • You can use official duck duck jeep hashtags on the ducks to be promoted. The official hashtags are #DuckingJeeps and #DuckDuckJeep. You can hang it on the neck of your rubber ducks.
  • The last part is to place the rubber ducks on the jeeps, regardless of the model. Moreover, it is recommended to place the rubber in a visible position where the jeep owner can see it easily.
  • Lastly, please take pictures of the ducks you bought and post them on social media with the official hashtags.
  • Above all else, the important thing is to have a great time while doing this stuff. You can have fun and smile at other jeep owners through this game.

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Things Needed

  • Plenty of ducks
  • Marker pen
  • Tie notes


The duck duck jeep trend is giving happy vibes and helping jeep owners to create a community that encourages each other to stay happy and motivated. If you start doing this trend in your street, I am sure people will feel happy as their jeep will be ducked with such a cutie trend. So feel free to participate in this trend and have fun while doing this.

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