All Easter Eggs in Jeep Models 2024 Edition

All Easter Eggs in Jeep Models 2024 Edition

Jeeps are one of the most loved American compact, mid and large-size SUV brands; they are famous for their ruggedness, distinctive design, and reliability. People love these vehicles due to their off-road capabilities and customizable Jeep models’ options.

Although modern-day Jeep models are loaded with modern-day features, the design language remains evolutionary rather revolutionary, but it doesn’t mean they are lesser of the vehicles. They are far more desirable in most parts of the world than other vehicles.

The Jeep was initially designed for the American army in world war II; since then, they have proven itself as the most rugged and reliable vehicle; they are known for its off-road capabilities; whatever the terrain is, it will not disappoint. The Willy’s (First Jeep Model for American Army) was introduced in the 1940s, and today, people own this model, and it’s a perfect off-road vehicle.

Easter Eggs in Jeep Models

Easter eggs in jeep models are graphical symbols or visuals related to Jeep legacy or heritage; they are hidden in different locations on various jeep models. These Easter eggs are fun to discover, representing some jeep history, giving certain information, and providing a little activity to the owners. Although these are small visuals, it’s a great way to connect and strengthen the bonds between the company and Jeep owner.

These Easter eggs first appeared in Jeep models in the late 90s; since then, they have kept evolving, changing their positions, and increasing their presence on different Jeep models. If you own any jeep from the late 90s and upward, we will be surprised to know Jeep has an Easter egg for you that need to be found. Well, if you don’t know yet and are looking for your Jeep Easter egg, we will help you discover it.

The First Jeep Easter egg Appearance

The first Jeep Easter egg appeared on the Jeep Wrangler cowl; the wrangler was redesigned in 1997; the designer of the car Michael Santoro wanted to leave his mark on the design and decided to put an iconic seven-slot grille imprint on its cowl. The grille design helped with air intake and started the Easter egg culture in Jeep models. Since then, we owners have found a little surprise in their Jeep models.

Keeping the trend alive and seeing customers’ interest, Jeep officials and the design team develop new designs, ideas, and locations to incorporate Easter eggs, give customers a visual treat, and make them love their vehicle more. You can find Jeep Easter eggs on Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and Jeep Renegade. With the blend of Jeep heritage and contemporary design, Jeep owners always find it a thrilling experience and a fun way to find new visuals on their vehicles.

List of Jeep Easter Eggs

The list of Jeep Easter eggs is not that long, but they are fun little activities to find; click a picture or try to figure out their meaning and significance; here is the list of the iconic, common, and famous Easter eggs on Jeep models.

  • 7-slot Grille.
  • Gas Can Style “X” Rear Light.
  • Since 1941
  • Big Foot.
  • No Steps
  • A spider is greeting “Ciao Baby.”
  • Willy’s MB Jeep
  • A tiny sasquatch
  • To new Adventures
  • Paintball-splotch redline
  • Flip flops
  • Map of Moab Utah
  • Little Gecko
  • Map of Rubicon Trail California
  • The loch ness monster
  • T-rex dinosaur
  • Stamped JL
  • American Flag-shaped C-pillar vent
  • 419 numbers

Jeep Easter Eggs and Preferable location to Find them

The Easter Eggs on your Jeep model can be found anywhere; if you love to find and explore things, it will be a  fun and rewarding activity for you, but if you tried enough and didn’t find any, you must look closely in the below mention spots on your Jeep. Some spots to find your Jeep Easter eggs are:

  • Since Jeep has a long history of providing and serving the army and customers with their Vehicles, you can find a Vintage Jeep Willy on the rear window of your Jeep, or it is also stamped on the wheels.
  • Jeep is well known for its off-roading experiences; in contrast, a mini topographical Map of the Utah Moab desert is on the plastic near the gear shifter.
  • For their incredible grip on the road and other terrains, Jeep depicted this quality by presenting a little Gecko under the windshield wipers.
  • Jeep relates with T-Rex to emphasize durability and reliability, which is present on the floor mats.
  • Most commonly, all the jeep models have a seven-slot grille design etched into their headlights.
  • The dead pedal on the driver’s side has Morse code that spells out “Sand, Snow, Rivers, Rocks.”
  • X-design rear lights relate to old-school gas cans in Jeep models.
  • The iconic Grille icon is also available in various locations; check your vehicle’s side rearview mirror housing or stereo speakers.
  • A map of the Moab trail map found on the change cubby.
  • An orange paintball splotch on the RPM redline shows the design team’s beloved weekend hobby.
  • The infamous Sasquatchon the raised plastic of your rear windshield.
  • The Jeep logo is present underneath the mesh fabric of your seat covers.

Jeep Models with Easter Eggs

Almost all the Jeep models have Easter eggs in them, but Jeep Patriot is the only Jeep lineup that doesn’t have any; apart from it, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Compass, Jeep Renegade, and Jeep Cherokee all have Easter eggs to surprise their owners.

Models have Easter Eggs

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Wranglers
  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Jeep Gladiator

Models don’t have Easter Eggs

  • Jeep Patriot

Jeep Compass Easter Eggs

The Easter Eggs on the Jeep compass model is present in many different locations, one will be surprised to see all of them, and it gives them a treat for their efforts, too; these hidden symbols are present in the following spots:

  • Below the Hood.
  • Underneath the driver’s side, Windshield Wipers
  • Inside the headlights
  • Dead pedal on the driver’s side
  • At the bottom of the tailgate
  • Air vents may also have a little surprise for you.
  • Rearview mirrors.
  • You can also look into your arm console.
  • Change the cubby area.

Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs

The Jeep Wrangler are one of the most favorite jeep models; they have many easter eggs waiting to be found on your jeep wrangler. The numbers of these hidden visuals may vary depending on the model year of the wrangler’s models; however, approximately 30 easter eggs are located on different spots of the wrangler models. They are present on:

  • One is present in the stock headlights. Usually, a seven-slot grille symbol and some written words on the led headlights.
  • Easter Eggs on hood latches
  • One present on the wiper cowl, there may be more than one, so look carefully to spot all of them.
  • Stick rims and gas tank.
  • Lighting up Jeep background on the center console.
  • One present on the off-road pages.
  • The shifter also holds an Easter egg for you.
  • Windshield’s passenger side, a small Easter egg, is waiting to be explored.
  • The driver’s side windshield.
  • You may also find an Easter egg on the center overhead light of your jeep wrangler.
  • The tailgate, common in most Jeep models, is a place to look for Easter eggs.
  • The trunk also holds Easter eggs; check the left or right sides; you will find something fun.

Jeep Cherokee Easter Eggs

Your Jeep Cherokee hides many surprises in the form of cute little symbols and visuals that need to be found; if you are unaware of them or want to explore them, let us help you look into spots that might hold Easter eggs. Look into the following spots in your Jeep Cherokee for Easter eggs:

  • Starts from the factory-fitted headlights.
  • Look into the side steps of your Jeep Cherokee for Easter eggs.
  • When entering inside, look at your console screen and driver display screens; they are loaded with Easter eggs, and almost 15 of them are hidden in these two screens.
  • A rather unusual place to look for Easter eggs is under the passenger seat.
  • If your Jeep Cherokee has bag hooks, then look  as if they hide something fun
  • Owners also report some reports of Easter eggs on the rear window.
  • The front windshield also holds something; check the bottom corners on both sides of your windshield.
  • The hood on the engine covers also surprises you; check it on your Jeep Cherokee.

Jeep Renegade Easter Eggs

Jeep Renegade is the sub-compact SUV model offered by Jeep, its small may distract you from finding some cool Easter eggs, but in reality, this particular jeep model lineup has one of the highest ratios of Easter eggs found on any jeep model. If you are wondering about your jeep renegade Easter eggs, start from these spots:

  • Take start from your Renegade factory-fitted headlights; you find your first hidden surprise.
  • Check the side rails of your jeep renegade.
  • The fuel cap also holds a little Easter egg for you.
  • Look under the wiper on your windshield. Something fun is needed to be discovered.
  • An Easter egg is waiting for you at the top of your renegade roof.
  • The cover below your renegade front grill also holds a hidden treat.
  • The tail lights are the most obvious place to find one in the Renegade.
  • The Renegade embalms on the tailgate has some Easter eggs in the form of words.
  • On the inside of your Jeep renegade, the rearview mirror holds your first Easter egg to be explored.
  • Look at the speaker. You find your second Easter egg inside of your Renegade.
  • The center console and the driver’s screen also hold some hidden treats.
  • Jeep Renegade tachometer holds an Easter egg most likable by all due to its matching color with your Jeep color.
  • Other areas to look for Easter eggs are factory floor mats, footrests, and push to start button.
  • If you look closely at the cup holder of your Jeep Renegade, you will find a hidden surprise there as well.
  • Inside the tailgate is the usual spot to find one.
  • The rear window is also another common spot to find one.
  • Other rather unusual places to find Easter eggs are on the roof panels and the loose change cubby at the top of your Jeep Renegade.

Jeep Gladiator Easter Eggs

The Jeep Gladiator is Jeep’s answer to Jeep enthusiast who is looking for a truck or larger cargo space vehicle. Its open and large cargo area distinguishes it from other jeep models. The number of Easter eggs in Jeep gladiator is no lesser than other jeep models; you can find plenty of hidden symbols, words, and illustrations in Jeep Gladiator. Look into these places for your jeep gladiator Easter eggs:

  • The most common and known place to find Jeep gladiator Easter eggs is on its factory stock headlights.
  • Other common places are the center console and instrument cluster screen; you can find more than ten Easter eggs in these places.
  • The rearview mirror also holds a hidden Easter egg.
  • The passenger side of the windscreen also has a little illustration for you.
  • The gear knob is also a little surprise for you.
  • Similarly, the steering wheel and dashboard buttons also hold some Easter eggs.
  • The floor maps on floor mats are also common to find Easter eggs.
  • The center overhead light inside your jeep gladiator also holds something cool.
  • The fiber bed cover of the back trunk and storage spaces under the back seat also has many Easter eggs for you to discover.


Do Jeep Patriots have Easter Eggs?

Jeep Patriot doesn’t come with any Easter eggs, but some jeep Patriot models have some Easter eggs, but they are a rarity and hard to find; most vehicles don’t have them.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee have Easter Eggs?

Yes, you can find multiple Easter eggs on the Grand Cherokee, but they are fewer than in other models; you can find 8 or more hidden illustrations or messages in your grand Cherokee.

Does Jeep Wrangler have Easter Eggs?

Yes, the Jeep Wrangler is one of the jeep models with most Easter eggs located at different spots; it is fun to find them all; you can start with the headlight of your wrangler and then move backward; look closely you will find plenty of them.

Do Jeep Liberty has Easter Eggs?

The jeep liberty has very limited Easter eggs, found in most obscure locations; the numbers are way less than other jeep models.

Final Thoughts

The Jeep Easter Eggs are a jeep way to illustrate and remain connected with their customers by providing those chunks of Jeep heritage, features, company spirit, and messages to the owners. Jeeps are powerful, durable, reliable SUVs that serve in wars; over the years, all these features and heritage are depicted in the Easter eggs to remind the owners of their vehicle’s history and the standard it set.

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